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Patent pending „Polynucleotides for enhancing expression of a polynucleotide of interest“

In cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim (Institut für Molekular- und Zellbiologie) we developed a new expression system enabling the fast and easy generating of high producer cell clones. After integration into the host chromatin special stabilizing and enhancing sequences leads to prevention of gene.

resulting in stable cell lines with increased recombinant protein expression and a better long term stability of expression.

Our new technology enables the fast and easy generation of high producer cell lines.

Contract MAB Production

Optimal conditions for cell growth and MAB production are determined on shaker flask level. Appropriate media for the promotion of optimal growth and the best operating parameters for maximum MAB production are determined.

Operation of the bioreactor is closely monitored to ensure adherence to defined production parameters. Cell growth and antibody production are assessed with the periodic measurement of glucose uptake, pH, lactate concentration, antibody yield, temperature, gas exchange, etc.

Contract MAB Purification

With the protein A/G method a mixed subclass IgG preparation can be separated out by eluting a protein A/G column in a single step. This method is highly specific and can be used with almost all isotypes of IgG’s.

The purified antibody is then bottled and stored in aliquots in liquid, frozen or lyophilized form depending on the product specifications. Q.C. analysis assessing the purified antibody concentration, purity and functionality is performed.

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